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Air quality data services

Download and stream NSW air quality and meteorological data.

We are currently expanding our data service facility in New South Wales through the “Enhance air quality website and data delivery” (EWADD) project. The EWADD project will implement the delivery of air quality data services through an advanced Air Quality Monitoring System.

As part of the EWADD project, air quality and meteorological data from the NSW Air Quality Monitoring Network are being made freely available on this website in various formats.

Air quality data services infographic

There are currently 3 main facilities for accessing customised air quality and meteorology data:

Icon: search and download air quality data

Data download facility provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to search and download historical data.

Icon: Stream real time air quality data

Application Programming Interface (API) provides the capability to stream data to a third-party application like a mobile app, in addition to searching and downloading historical data.

Location iconAir quality data explorer is a map-based data search and download platform, which integrates data from the air quality API and RFS Fires-near-me. See also the SEED story for this dataset.
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See the data licence statement for information about using and attributing these data.