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Air quality data services

Air quality data explorer

Map-based portal to visually explore and download air quality data for New South Wales.

The air quality data explorer enables you to spatially and temporally view air quality data, meteorological data and details for all stations in the NSW Air Quality Monitoring Network.

You can use the facility to view and download the following, either as tables or as graphs/charts:

  • hourly averages, for all air quality and meteorological parameters, for the past 48 hours and week.
  • daily maximum and daily averaged data for air quality parameters for the past month and year.

You can also select the 'Fires Near Me' map layer, to view current incidents reported by the NSW Rural Fire Services (RFS).

The facility also has advanced features including:

Note: our data is reported in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), even during daylight savings period.

View the data in full screen using the SEED Map Viewer or use the interactive map below.

The air quality data explorer is hosted by the SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data in NSW) portal, a central data resource established by the NSW Government in response to community requests for reliable and readily accessible information about the environment. The department has developed the air quality data explorer as part of the Enhance Air Quality Website And Data Delivery (EWADD) Project.

More information

See the data licence statement for information about using and attributing these data.